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Against all Elements


Lekker Roofing

The phrase goes “fun in the sun”, but a little protection never hurt anyone! With two options of roofing for your Damsko you have the ability to get the most (or a little less) of the sunshine. Handmade and specifically designed for Lekker Boats, you can decide what style you want and customize the color accordingly.



Equipping your Damsko with this add-on extends your enjoyment on the Lekker boat and that's vital. The luxurious canvas top is made from a 100% solution-dyed acrylic construction. A material that is widely used within the water sports industry, because it's extremely durable, water repellent, breathable and mildew resistant. The canvas is supported by four metal poles, which provide stability and make it possible to easily collapse the bimini top when needed. Furthermore, the canvas has an integrated zipper, enabling you to stow it away and keep it dry during the winter. This Bimini provides you with the needed refuge from scorching sun rays and can protect you from the pouring rain. Either way, it extends your time on the water and that’s all anybody wants! Multiple colors available upon request.


Dimensions: 4.5m x 2.6m

Frame: 4m x 25mm stainless steel


T- Top

This sleek handmade Lekker T-Top was custom-made for the Damsko by a team of hard top specialists who deliver top quality. The walk around T-top frame is made from anodized aluminum and has a powder-coated finish, meaning it's built to last. The T-top comes with an optional plexiglass windshield to protect you from potentially harsh winds and the water-repellent roofing shelters you against the rain and sun. Additionally, the frame of the T-top enables you to attach a fishing rod or a wakeboard onto it. Giving your Damsko that sporty exterior and combining it with the functionality it needs with regards to watersport activities. 


Dimensions: 2.8m x 2m

Material: Aluminium