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Exploring the water since 2013


Lekker Boats originated in 2013 and since then launched two beautifully crafted boats in the form of the Damsko 750 and the larger Damsko 1000, both available with a cabin. The two models follow the strict design criteria of Lekker through the use of premium materials and workmanship to ensure that the final result remains maintenance-free whilst satisfying the unique aesthetics.


"I wanted to consider all of the practical aspects of boating in-and-around a busy harbour like Sydney, and make the driver experience as seamless as possible." adds founder Meindert Wolfraad.

We carefully select the best materials for our boats and through the use of our Dutch expertise, we are able to build the highest quality, maintenance-free and robust boats. Expect a strong piece of engineering, perfected for all types of water, maximising driving and user experience in any conditions.


Make the water your playground


There really isn’t anything else on out there on the water that provides the style, comfort, and exhilaration of the Lekker Damsko in one package. A sports boat, with the luxury of a cruiser, and the capacity of much larger vessels will surely attract the attention of families, friends, and those seeking fun in the sun. Options like the cabin which feature beds and a toilet further expand the capabilities of the Damsko for overnighting, and families with children. There is nothing else quite like it on the market.


"The Damsko is a true modern day classic. Our primary focus in our continuous design process is to perfect our boats for all types of water, maximising driving and user experience in any condition." adds founder Meindert Wolfraad.

The best aspect of the Damsko is its speed, but yet it offers smart practicalities and is designed with comfort and style in mind.

Made in the Netherlands

The best aspect of the Damsko is its speed, but yet it offers smart practicalities and is designed with utmost comfort and style in mind. We offer a tailored approach to our customers when selecting the finer details of their aluminium boat. You can choose your own colors for the hull and the cushion sets and there are an array of extra options which will reflect your personality and make the Damsko uniquely yours.


Our modern classic: The Damsko


Our team of masterminds combined their knowledge of the boating scene in Amsterdam and Australia. They incorporated the best of two worlds into one design. They paired the comfort and socialising aspect of the well know "sloep" design in Amsterdam with the striking power and durability of speedboats in Sydney. The outcome? A wolf in sheep's clothing. One of the most spectacular aspects of the Damsko is its hidden superpower. The design of the Damsko provides excellent handling and enables the boat to manoeuver with ease. The Damsko's turning circle is its own length, capable of making tight turns even at top speed. Due to the engine, it's easy to trim and race over the water. In short, this seaworthy vessel is incredibly easy to use.


The Damsko range is available in a 750 edition, 1000 edition and is available in an open or cabin version. Newest introduction with regards to additional boat options is the integrated Anchor system and the striking looking T-Top.

Available Worldwide

Lekker Boats started off by conquering the Dutch and Australian waters, organising test days in both Amsterdam and Sydney. Soon after interested parties from all over the world started showing interest in the Damsko. As a result, Lekker Boats has established multiple dealers in the following countries; the United States, Spain, and Norway. If you’re interested in experiencing a Lekker Boat however and you don’t reside in one of the above mentioned locations, we also arrange test days in France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Sweden.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you're located, we deliver the Lekker Damsko right to your doorstep. That’s one of the perks of the Damsko being easily trailerable.

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