Make some Noise

A little party never hurt anyone

Pump it up

What's a boat without a kick-ass sound system? A whole lot less loud and fun in our opinion. So, if you take fun seriously than there's no reason why you wouldn't equip your Damsko with one of the following waterproof stereo systems. We guarantee that you'll stand out on the water


Jensen Audio

Stereo, Speakers (6), Amplifiers (2), Subwoofer (1)


A waterproof Jensen stereo system (+bluetooth), with 6 speakers, 2 amplifiers, and a subwoofer will complete the Lekker Boat package. Jensen Marine products are specifically designed and tested to withstand the unique challenges of the marine world, such as moisture, salt air, humidity, UV exposure, and extreme temperatures. The latest technologies in all designs. 


Polk Audio

Stereo, Speakers (6), Amplifiers (2), Subwoofer (1)


Extremely well known in the boating electronics industry, Polk is famous for providing high performance, authentic audio solutions. This premium stereo package features 6 speakers, 2 amplifiers making sure you’ll be heard, the additional subwoofer makes this Polk audio system the icing on top the cake!